Teju specialist Hospital is duly recognized as a private hospital under the private hospital ordinance Oyo State Ministry of Health. The governing body is TEJU SPECIALIST HOSPITAL DIRECTORATE

Teju specialist hospital is centrally located at Ring Road, Ibadan. The hospital is therefore readily accessible to our patients. The hospital is both a primary health care centre with specialist care in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Paediatrics, Industries or Commercial firms requiring retainership, the hospital has twenty two beds and four fully furnished private rooms.

The hospital provides personalized care for each of its patients. Our management also insists that each patient be treated humanely and with dignity. To achieve these, members of staff are carefully selected. they are qualified, dedicated and pleasant. We endeavour to investigate ailments fully and treat patients successfully either on an outpatient or an inpatient basis. The pharmacy is stoked with adequate supplies of drugs dispensed and presented to patients on the premises.

MEDICAL PERSONNEL: The hospital nursing staff is headed by a matron with 3 assistants and 16 qualified nurses who are registered with the nursing & midwifery council of Nigeria. They maintain daily 24-hour nursing services. The cadre of medical doctors and their specialist working in the hospital are listed below:

  1. 1. Four general practioners
  2. 2. One consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
  3. 3. One consultant general surgeon
  4. 4. Two dental surgeons
  5. 5. One consultant Orpthopaedic surgeon
  6. 6. One consultant Paediatrician
  7. 7. One consultant ENT Surgeon
  8. 8. One consultant Physician

Call Duty Doctors: Anaesthetists

Consultation Hours (General Clinic): Routine consultations are held from 8.00am to 9:00pm daily.

In-Patient Care: Admission facilities are available both in general and private wards for patients whose condition warrant intensive care with qualified nursing staff in attendance to ensure appropriate nursing care.

Industrial Consultation: There are two standard operating theatres in the hospital. The theatres have available complete instrument sets and equipment fr surgical procedures in gynaecology, obstretrics, general and orthopaedic surgery.

Laboratory Facilities: The hospital has a functional laboratory for routine and special investigations.

Diagnostic Facilities: the hospital has standard x-ray unit, ultrasound unit and ECG facilities.

Water Suply: The hospital has three sources of water supply namely: borehole, deep well and water corporation.

Electricity Supply: There is also a 60KVA stand-by generator in case of power failure supplemented by another 25KVA generator which serves as a back up in case the stand-by generator is faulty.

Medical Examination of Fitness: This would be carried out when required for potential employees and newly appointed staff and those found to be more than usually ill.

Site Clinic Experience: British America Tobacco